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I started writing in high school--poems, stories, you name it. My Senior year, my school offered an experimental Chinese language class, and I found that I liked it enough to major in Classical Chinese in college. I even spent a year at a Chinese University in the late 1980's. Classical Chinese opened up a whole new world of literature--ancient poetry forms, essays, and sprawling, baroque novels. I came back from China even more pumped up to be a writer. Then I remembered I had a bunch of student loans. So I joined the Army. "I'll pay off my loans then get out," I thought at the time.

I spent the next twelve years bouncing around the planet: Iraq (the first go-'round), Somalia, Bangladesh. Then I discovered Embassy duty, and worked in China, Poland, Kenya, and Tanzania. Coming back to the US after being away for so long meant getting used to a whole new foreign country. I got out of the Army in 2002, and went back to my first love, writing.

I now make a living as a freelance writer. I'll write anything: fiction, nonfiction, poetry. Even fortune-cookie fortunes. I also do the occasional Chinese-English translation. I'm also currently a graduate student at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland.

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