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Bibliography as of December 2020




  • "A Vase of Plum Flowers" by Tan Yuanchun; "The Green Wutong Tree" by Zhu Heling; "Mapao Spring" by Song Wan; "Mountain Temple" by Yao Nai, Transference Vol. 1, Summer 2013
  • "Cloudy Skies" by Tao Yuanming; "Frost Moon" by Li Shangyin; "Autumn Arrives" by Yao Nai, Transference Vol. 2, Fall 2014
  • "Rainy Night in Linqing," "Spring Rain," and "Evening Meditations" by Yao Nai, Transference Vol. 3, Fall 2015
  • "Staying Again at Youqi Temple" by Yao Nai; "The Peaks Along the River are Green" by Zhang Dai, Transference Vol. 4, Fall 2016
  • "Stopping the Boat Near Xiling Bridge," "Reciting Alone," "Leaving Jiufeng Mountain by Night" by Yao Nai, Transference Vol. 5, Fall 2017
  • "Three Inscriptions for Paintings" by Yao Nai, Transference Vol. 6, Fall 2018
  • "Four Poems" by Yao Nai Transference Vol. 7, Fall 2019
  • " The Zhongyuan Festival at West Lake" by Zhang Dai and Two Poems by Tan Yuanchun, Transference Vol. 8, Fall 2020


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